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Jasa Guard Indonesia



About JasaGuard.com

JasaGuard.com is an official security service company which is one of the best bodyguard service companies in Indonesia and is domiciled in Tangerang-Banten. JasaGuard.com has people who are mostly experienced as security guards / bodyguards also experienced and professional in escorting artists (domestic and foreign), securing and guarding concert events, exhibitions and others.

We always believe that there are great number of outstanding people behind every great company.


As a professional security service company, the scope of our services includes: Security Services, Pick Up Services, Body Guard Services, Security Services for Corporate and Personal Assets etc. We always provide a sense of security and comfort for the protection of your personal rights in a professional and reliable manner.


Our human resources have been trained to take care of our clients so that they always get optimal protection.


Experienced in the field of security both the security of individuals and institutions belonging to others.


Bodyguard services are ready to be needed and ready when you need it.


Business Process Outsourcing

Manpower Supply & Outsourcing

We provide manpower supply and outsourcing service for non-essential works in your company. It will increase the flexibility during selection and hiring process, pull up resume database, spare the company from compensation responsibilities, handle funds, bonuses, maternity benefits, and professional taxes. We aim to achieve an effective and efficient business process that certainly yields in an overall increase in core competencies and profit of the company.

Variety of Positions

We provide various positions for our clients, such as direct sales, exhibition sales, telesales, operators, janitors, receptionists, drivers, helpers, couriers, sales persons, secretaries, administrative staffs, programmers, engineers, etc.

Executive Search

We prioritize quality in conducting executive search for our clients. We use the most sophisticated methods, supported by high-level connections, to make sure that your company’s board of directors is filled with the most knowledgeable and skilled executives.

Professional Staffing Services

We provide an exceptional recruiting service to find potential candidates that match the specific positions your company is looking for. Through our comprehensive contacts, extensive networking, and diligent research, we have the capability to locate the best candidates that meet your requirements.


We provide customized vocational courses that are well-adjusted with your company’s needs and requirements, which are work-related and focused on the field of communication. We design the programs based on practice and skills so that corporates and/or professionals can learn how to communicate clearly and effectively in their own ways. Our trainers are always up-to-date with the current business requirements, therefore, we will be able to sharpen corporates and/or professionals’ competency in a competitive world.

Courses Offered :
• Public Speaking
• Presentation Skills
• Personal Growth – Dress for Success/Grooming
• Negotiation Skills
• Customer Service Professional
• Etc